Like many humans, erotic themes are seldom far from my mind, so I thought I’d try writing some. This is my first poem in a long time. Read it here: Dancing

Likely NSFW unless you have a very liberal workplace. I apologise for putting it in PDF format, but I felt a need to control the look and feel.

Here are the first two stanzas:

your rose pink dress enfolds you
wrapping itself
around your voluptuous body
even as I long to do.

– blink –

my lips caress your brow
brush your eyelids
and drift
ever lower
to cheek
to lips
to throat.


The ruffled azure dress

The ruffled azure dress

The ruffled azure dress you wear tonight
tempts my eyes and hands as moth to flame.

Running my palms down along your figure
I feel each seam slip past my fingers
like a railway car running over points,
or a cyclist crossing streetcar tracks.

Hands changing direction, each little skirt
rises, then falls, renewing modesty.