Let’s Dance…

Kevin O’Leary’s rich guy moaning on CBC Radio this morning was only made tolerable by Armine Yalnizyan telling him to pack up and leave if he’s so unhappy. While she was advocating a kind of socialism, it is closer to my primitive anarchist heart than O’Leary’s tiresome libertarianism.

I remember discovering anarchism in high school. Not the way you probably think–with a bunch of wannabe radicals–but in a grade 11 history class on revolutions and political reformations in europe. I was particularly captivated by Russian revolutionary and social anarchist, Mikhael Bakunin. Continue reading “Let’s Dance…”

collective responsibility to the poor

I was shocked to hear the premier promoting support of the food bank on CBC this morning. Our collective responsibility to each other should be exercised through adequate and humane income support, not haphazard charity.

I would like the premier to explain why she thinks that food banks are an answer to anything other than a desperation wrought by the provincial government.

More half-baked and piecemeal programs mostly mean more jobs for bureaucrats. The answers are more straightforward than most want to believe: raise the rates (minimum wage, social assistance), build housing, include dental benefits in OHIP. Get on with it. The government’s so-called poverty reduction strategy is inadequate and unnecessarily complicated.

It’ll even be good for the economy: the rich save, the poor spend, they have no choice.

Keith Nunn, Toronto
published in the Toronto Star, Dec 6, 2014